Spotlight of the Week

Framingham State University Softball senior Jess Ball is the Spotlight of the Week. She did not join the team until her junior year, but enjoyed winning the MASCAC Conference title last year with them, and was going to enjoy another shot at it this year before the coronavirus cut the season short.

“Coming onto the team, i didn’t know what to expect as a walk-on junior. But i quickly understood the dynamic of the team, where they came to practice everyday and put in 110%, which shows when the team steps on to the field to play a game. Everyone is working towards the same goal which was to be better, not just for themselves, but for the team.”

“Having this season cut short was awful in that I feel like the seniors and I are unfinished. We all wanted to have a chance to fight for the fourth MASCAC win. Joining the FSU Softball team was the best decision I made in my college career.”

Jess Ball (#12) and the other three FSU seniors